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you can find out about how to use seoul with some of tricks in this web


hello, im going to show you about some nice spot in seoul

Asset 22.png

also which where you never expected to do something!

Asset 24.png

explore more spot to eat some snack, to cry a little, to take a nap, to make an important call...

take a trip with this map locations


the list below could help you with what to do and where to go at seoul

what you can do
Asset 25.png

to seat

Asset 26.png


to cry

Asset 36.png
Asset 28.png

to make a call

Asset 29.png

wash your face

Asset 30.png

to charge the phone

Asset 31.png

to read

Asset 32.png

tea time

Asset 33.png

to take a nap

Asset 40.png

to see the sunset

Asset 41.png

to take a sleep

Asset 42.png

to take a shower

Asset 43.png

to develop the photo

Asset 44.png

to have lunch

Asset 45.png

to take a bath

Asset 46.png

to watch a movie

to party

Asset 47.png
Asset 49.png


you can recommend the location somewhere in seoul through submit a form below and be the team racoon!

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