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<空에서 工이 功으로> is a booklet for context research class by Master Tae-Byeong, Lim (Mundoehoje, 文圖戶製) in the Fall semester 2019 at PaTI. There is Yisang-jib project, <空에서 工이 功으로>, which organizes space exploration through scale.

In order to learn the sense of scale, the class started with the task of completing the scale of the body drawn with my own expression method, referring to the Le Corbusier modulor, measuring my most familiar body dimensions. After moving to the space, measuring the size of my room, which is a familiar space, drawing floor plans and elevations to learn a sense of space, I made and studied a drawing and a model of the Azuma house in Sumiyoshi, Osaka designed by Ando Tadao, one of the architect's small houses. Holding the completed model and drawing, the house was marked on the floor in a 1:1 with a string on the land of Mangwon Han-river Park to check the actual scale.

<空에서 工이 功으로>

Year: 7 Dec, 2019

Dimensions: 150*220 mm

Pages: 94p

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